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Diebold voting machines are easily hackable!

Posted by The Lukester on December 14, 2005

I’m shocked, simply shocked. Those Diebold voting machines? You know, the ones that handed G.W. Bush the presidency last year? Well it turns out that – surprise, surprise – they can be hacked without leaving a trace to change the votes any way desired. And this is on the memory card that Diebold swore was not hackable. The test was done for Leon County (FL), and a post of the test is on the site As a result of this test Leon County is dumping their Diebold voting machines, and I’m adding these folks to my Links sidebar!

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about these boxes. Not only are they hackable, but the people who set them up did some very stupid things (not intentional of course) like telling the poll workers the password – which could be used to alter the results any way desired on all the machines. There are lots of stories – verifiable ones I should add (unlike the tall tales the Republicans were telling about supposed voter fraud) – about voting machine victories: Areas that had them had a disproportionate number of votes for Bush, compared to districts that didn’t have them – a statistical impossibility. Or traditionally black, Democratic districts “voting” for Bush when other similar districts nearby did not. I heard this all most recently on the radio some weeks ago, but don’t have a source (didn’t have a ‘blog then). Sorry about that if I find info I’ll update this page.

This issue stirs a lot of outrage for me. Aside from who won the election – and that’s not something to be complacent about either – it is VITAL that we trust the election process. Compared to all the sneaky, dishonest, dirty tricks played by the Right, fiddling with the voting machines cuts the deepest into our political rights and freedoms. I don’t care how god-awful the elections get, if we want to preserve our democracy we have to be able to trust the process!


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