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Why is the White House Pushing so Hard to Allow Torture?

Posted by The Lukester on December 14, 2005

The White House — especially Dick Cheney — is pushing pretty hard to allow the US to torture captives under certain circumstances (news is all over, but here’s a recent link via AMERICAblog). This has got to be a public relations nightmare both at home and at broad. Why are they pushing so hard when it clearly is costing them so much?

I have a theory about this: I think they are trying to cover their asses when the news gets out that THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN TORTURING PEOPLE. I don’t mean all these insinuations and implications and tip-of-the-iceberg news stories we’ve been hearing a lot lately. I mean when the story impinges on the reality of the mainstream media and fully enters the consciousness of the American people and – more importantly – Bush’s political base (it’ll be morbidly funny to watch the Religious Right try to defend torture). At that point Bush & Co are going to be in a LOT of legal trouble, and having this exemption already in place would help protect them.

Of course, such an exemption would not protect them from past crimes, but it would give them some pretty effective talking points to distribute to Fox “News” and similar White House stenographic organizations: ‘the law now supports this kind of treatment – that it wasn’t yet legal at the time is only a “technicality”


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