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Happy New Year!

Posted by The Lukester on December 31, 2007

Wow – it’s been a year! Let’s see what’s happened in 25 words or less (or more): I got out of credit card debt and have become more interested in saving money and even (gasp!) investing some. More posts on that later. I got interested in learning fencing (and Medieval sword, but that seems to be tougher to learn – I don’t know why). I finally joined some Tolkien forums, with the next step actually meeting others to have a conversation about Middle-Earth (I have an aversion to dress-up and role-playing, but am interested in Tolkien’s “sub-creation”. I had a birthday (You too?? Congratulations!), restarted my blog (and just now switched to WordPress). My aunt died (very sad) and my uncle remarried (very weird, though she seems nice). I had a nice conversation with my father.

A lot was left undone – either not started or not completed, or worse not said, but on the whole it was a pretty good year by the standards of the Real World.

Have a great 2008!


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